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  • We still plan on having a softball season! Please get your teams registered!
Softball Postcards

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Image result for new gifSoftball Postcards are in the mail to all of last years managers!! 

You can sign up your teams online now!!

(If you would like a managers packet contact Parks and Recreation office by phone 989-837-6930 or email recreation@midland-mi.org)

We can send by email or by snail mail

by posted 03/25/2020
Team Registration Deadline

Slow Pitch Team Deadline

Thursday, April 17th ($25 late fee after April 17)

12 Game Slow Pitch $200

18 Game Slow Pitch $300

Fast & Modified Pitch Team Deadline

Thursday, May 7 ($25 late fee after May 7)

12 Game Fast Pitch $400

14 Game Modified Pitch $400


Still need a packet?? 

Parks and Recreation office.

4811 N Saginaw Rd

Midland, MI 48640



by posted 03/25/2020



Letter from MSA President on Covid-19




To update everyone as best we can; I am putting this message out to let you know the current state of our Association and our plans.

We all love the game of Softball and look forward to this time more than others.  Unfortunately, with what is an unprecedented health crisis in our lives, everything we know is in flux.  From our daily routines, to how we work, to our kid's schedules, to how we view our health and our desire to keep our loved ones safe, particularly our children and elderly family members; these are worrisome and anxious days.  Softball should be on the back of our minds, but it is something we valued so here is where we are at.


The city offices are closed to the public until at least April 13th and depending on the state of our community, could be longer.

Our governor asked us to put everything on hold for a minimum of 15 days, and that was most likely just the beginning.

The National Association is still planning on having a season, but everything is on hold.

So at a minimum and for starters, all deadlines are pushing back 15 days.

This could keep moving further out, speculating on how long would be a waste of time.

It is our goal to play this game we love this summer, but we can't guarantee anything at this time.

We will keep updating the website and Facebook as we learn more.

As a Board, we won't even begin contemplating the infinite outcomes and scheduling possibilities until we know more.

If we don't play at all or if we play at a partial season, we will be issuing refunds.

Rest assured, your money isn't going to be lost or wasted.

As of now, there will be no practice field reservations.

The Annual Meeting will not take place as scheduled and we are looking to possibly moving it to season's end.

Bat testing will not begin as expected either.

Again, we will keep you updated and nothing will take you by surprise as far as deadlines and due dates are concerned .

You can feel free to use the city parks and fields at your leisure, unless the city directs otherwise.

If you do, please abide by the current recommended restrictions of gathering size, maintain good hygiene and practice social distancing.

The better we do as individuals, the better we can combat this CoVid-19 pandemic and possibly get back to our lives and routines as closely as we knew them. 

Most importantly, stay safe and stay healthy.

Don't let this and all announcements and decisions wear on you.  Softball will be back.  We care as much as you do.

Let's get through this and see where we are at.

Thanks for your time.


-Steve Warner

MSA president


by posted 03/24/2020
An Update from us on COVID-19 

Good day to everyone. I have been contemplating how and when to communicate with all of you during these unprecedented times. We are all challenged, scared, and concerned with any number of personal and professional issues. What I have learned over these past several days is that family is so important, be it your personal family as well as your professional family. It is with that spirit that I am communicating to you, today. USA Softball of Michigan is a tight-knit and strong family, in my opinion. Someway, somehow...we will get through this. For right now, we have decisions that need to be made and/or considered.


The Executive Committee met yesterday, via conference call, to review a variety of issues and scenarios for the present and for the short and long-term future. Part of the decision-making process involves working with and getting information from a variety of partners and resources. They include entities such the NCAA, the MHSAA, and the USA Softball national office. More importantly, it's the information we all receive from the Governor's office and the CDC that we need to be most aware of. As of yesterday, we have the following cancellations/arrangements...


  • May 2 Slow Pitch Qualifiers...These were scheduled for Holland and for Davison. The local government and local schools that are involved with these entities have made the decision to keep their respective facilities shut down until further notice. Possible makeup dates to be determined.


  • Conference Calls/Video Conferencing...The Executive Committee (and any others) that choose to meet must do so by utilizing remote means. We are members of mParks and that membership includes use of the GoTo meeting options that some of you may be familiar with. If needed, please let us now how we could help with that.


The Executive Committee will also make a decision (with input from directors and local leaders) by mid-April (or sooner) on the following options...


  • State Umpire Clinic...Currently scheduled for April 18 in Port Huron. If cancelled, we may look at scheduling another clinic in that area since league and tournament play may be delayed across the board. Details forthcoming.


  • All American Games Tryouts...This is the 12u Junior Olympic tryout for the national event in Oklahoma City in August. The tryout is currently scheduled for April 18 in Mt. Pleasant. If cancelled, we will look to reschedule as long as the national event is still in play.


  • May 16 Slow Pitch Qualifiers...Decisions will be made on these events when more information is received from the state government and other state-wide organizations. For now, these are still scheduled for Muskegon & Sturgis.


The Executive Committee made a decision on the issue of late fees and deadlines with more specific details forthcoming, if necessary...


  • Umpire, Team, and Individual Registration Late Fees...We are waiving all late fees throughout the duration of the season. Our intent is to play ball at some point and waiving the late fees for various USA Softball of Michigan options is something we can do right now. As far as potential refunds and/or applying registration fees to future endeavors...we'll cross that bridge if we need to. For now, we hope to play at some point and that is what we'll focus on until we're told otherwise.


  • Hall of Fame Applications...Our current deadline date is April 15. We are going to push that back to June 15 so as to give people more time to submit. Depending on the world situation, that, too, could change. For now, the new deadline for Hall of Fame submission is June 15.


This is where we are at. We will take on any challenge that comes up and do the best we can to deal with it. We will also work hard to make sure we communicate with you on a regular basis so as to keep you in the loop on the latest updates and decisions that have to be made. we will also be communicating with local league directors, teams, and managers with more sport-specific information for them to be aware of. Look for additional e-mails, Facebook posts, and maybe even some future podcasts to help us connect with our USA family and our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, and/or anything else you feel the need to share. We will get through this!

Darrin Duistermars - Executive Director/Commissioner
Debbie Sherwood - Assistant Director
USA Softball of Michigan
616-395-0178 (DD, Work), 616-218-1861 (DD, Cell), 989-835-5821 (DS, Work)
darrin@usasoftballmi.org & debbie@usasoftballmi.org
USA Softball of Michigan | Website

by posted 03/20/2020
MSA Meeting


Next MSA Board Meeting will be:


Date: Monday, May 11th, 2020

5:30 pm

Where: Redcoats Pavillion

(4811 N Saginaw Rd)



by posted 02/04/2020
Annual Meeting

Monday April 20, 2020


Municipal Service Center Parks and Recreation (4811 N. Saginaw Rd)

(You can turn in your rosters at the meeting)

by posted 01/28/2020


Umpire Meeting

When: Wednesday, February, 12th, 2020

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 Cancelled

Where: Midland Parks and Recreation Office

(4811 N. Saginaw Rd)

Time: 6:30 pm



by Master Admin posted 01/28/2020

Congratulations to our 2019 Summer League Champions!

posted 09/17/2019
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