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Fees:  Team fees are non-refundable. Each player added to your team must pay the player fee (see chart below).




Slow Pitch

MINIMUM Team Requirements


Fast & Modified Pitch

MINIMUM Team Requirements



Due June 19

12* PLAYERS  Due June 26

TOTAL Team + 12 Players *(Minimum)


Due Apr 23


Due May 7

TOTAL Team + 12 Players (*Minimum)


7-Game Regular League




12-Game MFP League





14-Game Municipal League




14-Game MMP League







12 Game Slow Pitch Player Fee

$30.00 per team

18 Game Slow Pitch Player Fee

$30.00 per team


12 Game Fast/Modified Pitch Player Fee

$54.00 per team

Any non-player Fee

$15.00 per team








Player Fee Note:  *Each player added to your team MUST pay a player fee.


Registration: Teams and players can register online or in person (see chart below). Team fees are non-refundable and player fees are non-refundable after the first game the team plays. Registration fees include Game balls, Score books, Rule books, Field lighting, Umpire fees, Score cards, Lineup cards, Field Use/Maintenance, Bat testing, USA Softball registration.


Team and Player Registration

Online at www.midlandsoftballassociation.com


Teams must be registered by June 19.

Rosters due by June 26. 


After a team is registered, additional players can sign up individually online. You must use your credit card online. There is a convenience fee to use credit cards.

Slow Pitch team must be registered by June 19

Slow Pitch roster (12 players paid and signed) by June 26


The Parks and Recreation Department will only accept cash or check; credit cards will NOT be accepted. Please make checks payable to Midland Softball Association or MSA.


Locked Dropbox is outside the front door.

Midland Parks and Recreation:  4811 N. Saginaw Rd., Midland, MI 48640.

If your team is accepted after June 19 a late fee of $25.00 will apply


The Parks and Recreation Office is CLOSED till July 5th then will be open 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please make all checks payable to the Midland Softball Association or MSA.


Players Looking for a Team:

You have two options:

  • Fill out the Free Agent form online click here.

  • E-mail the Parks and Recreation office at:   or call us at 837-6930. Include the division you want to play in (MSP, MMP, WSP, Coed, etc) your name, address, telephone number, position of play preferred, years of experience and any other pertinent information. Managers can call the Parks office at 837-6930 looking for additional players.

Managers Looking for Players:

  • the Parks and Recreation office at:   or call us at 837-6930


Divisions of Play:  In MSA league play only, you may play on more than one team of the same division, provided that they are in different leagues. In District, Qualifying or State Tournaments you may only be on one team per division.  Below is a table of the available divisions and their night of play:







Coed Desert (7)*

Coed Birch (7)*

MFP Municipal (12)***

10MMP Superior (14)****

Coed Green (7)*

Coed Cedar (7)*

GM Silver 50+ (14)**

MSP Municipal (14)**

GM Gold 60+ (7/14)*

Coed Maroon (7)*

MSP Lead (7)*

MSP Tin (7)*

MSP Aluminum (7)*

MSP Krypton (7)*

Coed Orange (7)*

MSP Nickel (7)*

MSP Zinc (7)*

MSP Copper (7)*

MSP Lithium (7)*


MSP Titanium (7)*

WSP Topaz (7)*


Coed 7/3 (7)*


MCSP A (7)*




MCSP B (7)*






Leagues are ranked in ascending order each night by highest level of play.

MSP= Men’s Slow Pitch

MFP = Men’s Fast Pitch

WSP = Women’s Slow Pitch

WMP = Women’s Modified Pitch

MCSP = Men’s Church Slow Pitch

10MMP= 10 Man Modified Pitch

GM Gold = 60+ Men’s Slow Pitch

9MMP = 9 man Modified Pitch

GM Silver = 50+ Men’s Slow Pitch

(#) = No. of Games Scheduled in that League