Playoff Tournament Rules FAQ

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  1. Are there different Tournament Rules? Rules are the same as regular season


  1. Who is home team? Highest seeded team is Home team


  1. Is there a time limit? Yes same as regular season

(Exception: Grand Masters have no time limit)

(Exception: Championship games have no time limit)


  1. How many games per night? Possible multiple games per night depending on winning or losing.


  1. Do I win league because I am #1 seed? NO! The Playoff Tournament champion will be the league champion.


  1. Can I pick up players? No! Players must have already been on your roster no later than July 15.


  1. What if I have to forfeit the 6:15 game but have enough players to play the 8:45 game? Please send your forfeit in writing to jstewart@midland-mi.org. Please explain that your team will only forfeit the 6:15 game but you will have enough for the 845 game. This way I can contact the other team and make it official. If you do not hear from Midland Parks and Recreation the forfeit is not official and your team will need to show up to the field to turn in a lineup card.